Thursday, June 13, 2013

Final Resting Place

So Mintsy, we need to pick out a final room. Where shall it be?

How about... the kitchen?

Nah. I never really ate anyway.
Ok. How about... the living room?

It's pretty nice... but kind of boring in here...
How about... the Petlings?

Yeah but I can take them anywhere... maybe somewhere outside
Okay. How about the Butterfly garden?

Oh yes! It is very beautiful here. But... someone is missing...
Ah. Let me see if I can fix that. :)

Yes. Much better! Tee hee. I'm with Ruby, Emma, Amber, and Amy (butterflyes)
and Shalie (arctic fox) and Keagan (orange fox)!
Forever <3

Goodbye you wonderful Pixel pet. ::hugs to all of you::

They might have been merely pixels but they filled lonely days with fun stories and lasting friendships (the people I met through them).

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cheap Critic: It's Expensive. Must be the best!

I need THIS rose.

Oh? Why do you need THAT rose, Mintsy?

Because it is the best rose in all of Pet Society
... how so? How much is it?

2cc... he he he
Well if that's the only rose hair clip I guess that's not bad....
It is until you see this one....

o_O How much is that one??
Oh 250 coins...
"Like yellow coins???
Mintsy! Put that first rose back on that shelf! I dont care if it is a slightly different shade that is crazy!

tee hee hee

You silly pixel.
But I still want the first one. It's bigger.
The boutique is closing down anyway!
It's a matter of principal!!!

Oh you rotten pixel. :/

Yay! I get the prettiest rose hair clip in all of Pixel Land!

 Yeah... the most expensive rose there is... just keep looking the other way... there we go...

It's so pretty!
Sure is Mintsy! Very very lovely. And cheap too.... cough cough...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tour Guide: Resort House: Lavish, Red Planet, Red Carpet, Ice Cream, Shangri & Penthouse, Shadows of Christmas Room and Halloween Room

Hello Earthling... I have lots to show you

Lavish Angel Secret Room -  Airport

This room was original made
for me when Maggie went away
and LEFT ME!!!
Which was OK the first day or so but let me tell you it got old QUICK! Ok.. it's still cool but whatever :P

Red Planet Room -  Space Ship Landing / Mayor Abduction

Goodbye Mr. Mayor. Tee hee
Watch Mintsy use her teleporter and then me try to type and spell correctly... it should be a hoot!

Only the cutest rooms from this fashionpixelnista!

 Red Carpet -  Fashion Runway and Modeling Center!

Ice Cream Land - Patch House

I love that dress... that is why this room exists... because of that dress!

Shangri La Gardens - Butterfly Oasis

I love butterflies!

Wild Penthouse - Bunny Veggie Hoard

nom nom nom nom nom ... also I love that huge plushie! Tee hee. Thanks Luna
Watch a video of beautiful butterflies... veggies... and Mintsy in her patchwork dress workin a runway like no other pixel!

Shadows of Christmas

 Halloween Room 

Video of the spooky rooms:

Tour Guide: Resort House: Jungle Bird Nest, Irish Castle, Patio & Ponies

Welcome to my jungle bird nest...
& other places :)

Bird Nest

It's cozy up here!


Beautiful plants and flowers and ponds.... :D
And glowing fireflies! tee hee :D
Watch a quick video of Mintsy in her jungle bird nest:

My resort house was suppose to be non Castle like style.
Yeah that didn't last too long! Tee hee

The Ashford Castle! 

I did my best to model it off the picture below!
The real Ashford

Pony Barn!

If I get anymore I am gonna need a third pony room...

Royal Pool and Garden

A wonderful place to relax...

Watch a quick video of Mintsy swinging! And see some ponies... I know you wanna see more ponies.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mintsy Monday: Meerkat Harvester

So I've never been a big fan of spending CC (or real money) in games for things I could essentially do myself. But seeing that the game is ending, I thought it might be fun to go wild and spend 4cc.

Now I have a cute Meerket running around my gardens.

Honestly if he'd been about 25cc... and lasted forever... he'd be awesome.

Look at all of his hard work! And that's only one page! tee hee
But 4cc every 9 days would have hurt in the long run! lol

And while I had him.. I took a short video of his animation:

Mintsy Monday: Morning glitch!

I didn't follow the Royal Wedding but when the theme came out I couldn't WAIT to make a chapel for my castle!!

So I got everything together... spent all night making it just right:

... My Bible wont sit on stuff :(
 ... and in the morning I woke up to this:

Well, the presents were nice :) And my Bible still wouldn't sit on a shelf... oh right, and I no longer had walls in place... lol

So I had to redo it:

Came out even better I think... but oh those funny little happenings :)

Mintsy Monday: Petlings

Prepare for a photo overload! Of tiny petling cuteness!!!

I remember the day when little Mintsitina came to stay with us....

Aw she is curled up with Cheshire!

Hey you can't ride a spaceship you silly kitty!
 Yes, a silly kitty she is!
It's a bouncing coyote head!
 And then there was the day that Zadie the Coyote came to live with us...
How cute she was!
What is that!!!
 It's a bouncing bear head!
Aw it is so cute when it begs!
Nessa Nightstar is my favorite of all!
 Yeah she's pretty special to me too, Mintsy.

Jenny Bear! Stop trying to push sleeping Nessa off!
 Look Mintsy, your shenanigans is rubbing off on the petlings! The bear was having fun on the Merry-Go-Round and wouldn't get off. Yay glitch :)

You know, this begging gets old!
Oh hay Tomatosauce!

I always loved that name for my little skunk :)

And then the very last petling came to live with us... the little unicorn

 Mintsy changed her color several times...

That orange is what you call petling abuse... tee hee
Mrs. Nightstar all grown up! :D - 4/23/2011

You know those people who show you pictures of their pets...

Well look out! Here's some more of Mintsy's!!!! Mostly of the rooms they have had. :)
October 21, 2011
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